United Methodist Family Camp

Camp Poem

Compassion, Peace and Harmony
Family Camp, 2012

Written by Judy Karnes

“Here we are, all together, as we sing our songs, joyfully.

Here we are, as we pray we will always be!”

Another year at camp, in the clear mountain air,

Being part of an experience, truly one so rare.

A time away, a time to treasure –

Something special, beyond measure.

We are urged to be kind, to love others, to be fair –

Be a friend to the lonely, show that you care.

A Sabbath week, a time away from “out there” –

We gather together to sing, pray and share.

We fill up our souls through fellowship here –

It keeps us going throughout the year.

Dianu – “It is enough!”

Remember that when things are tough.

Twelve steps to make the world a better place –

With empathy, mindfulness, knowledge and grace.

How do we make sense of what God wants for us?

Through prayer, meditation, scripture and trust.

Are you crazy for God? God is crazy for you!

God walks every step as we journey through.

And we’re urged to share our talents with others –

So many gifted folk, young and older, sisters, brothers.

People who sing or instruments play.

Athletes and novices have their day.

Each has a story, each has a skill –

Listen to them, learn from them, get your fill.

Seamstresses, rocket builders, exercise pros –

Hiking the trails, arts and crafts, be on your toes!

Do all that you can or nothing at all –

Giant Swing, Waterslide, Climb the Wall.

Softball and volleyball, leather and tie-dye,

Swimming and carpet ball – or lay back and watch the sky.

Games at night and games in the day –

Checkers and Rummy Cub are here to stay.

Obscure trivia, Who Has the Answer?

Karaoke, and let’s Just Dance, sir!

Bunco and Name That Tune,

Summer Solstice in the midst of June.

Baseball in the field, a quilt in the Dome –

A little Chicken Dance and the Quilt goes home!

The lifeguard in the pool – a little paper check –

Has to have a “certificate” to walk the deck!

Raise a little cash through Bunco and the Quilt –

Enjoy the experiences up to the hilt!

Water Rockets soared higher than ever –

Paper “Stomp” Rockets for the little guys were very clever!

Nighttime entertainment with jokes and riddles –

Yoga exercise and Caps for Sale by the Littles.

Next was the Magical Enlarging Machine,

And a Camp Phone with apps that were keen!

Then the Human iPod with old and new songs to play –

And a story of Amelia – very clever, I would say!

Siam arrived the next night, calm and serene –

Handsome Prime Minister and our beautiful Queen.

Harmony and gentleness were the aura there –

Sentences were handed out with special care.

Tie-dye and ribbons festooned the place –

Colorful hats on children, smiles on their face.

Siam was where we could be on common ground –

Where pretty thoughts and kindness abound.

“In My Heart there rings a melody” -

Where life is full of harmony!

At campfire, the older youth told of Family Camp Traditions –

Where the Back Stories were revealed for several conditions.

Obsession with Squeegees and an intervention –

Zulu Warrior and spontaneous answers to questions.

Then in a dramatic manner, in thoughtful tone,

How God’s love prevails, was beautifully shown.

Sorrow to Joy, Hate to Love, Stress to Security,

Greed to Giving, Fear to Peace, Pride to Humility –

All done in pantomime, before our eyes –

Change from negative to positive by words so wise.

Awesome, breath-taking, full of emotion –

Telling us all of God’s loving devotion.

Respect for Other’s Religion was our theme this week –

Understanding others and the answers we seek.

How do we, as Christians, treat others near and far?

Are we Superior – or Fearful – or Respect them as they are?

Seeking common ground – promote peace and justice,

Honor differences, embrace likenesses, and help them trust us.

Two/Thirds of the world are not Christian believers –

By learning about them, we become active receivers.

One God is our belief, which many others share.

Some find God as we do, through study and prayer.

Some believe in Jesus, but not as we do.

We believe he died to take away sin from me and you.

Others say he’s a prophet – or maybe our brother.

But all believe in God, in one form or another.

Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Mormons too;

Islam and Christian – all use some “Golden Rule”.

We don’t want to change them – that isn’t fair –

Agree to disagree and go from there.

Find a common ground, respect each other.

The more we know, the less we fear one another.

The common thread throughout faith is the journey that we’re on –

We’re all searching for answers and solid ground to walk upon.

If only we could “live in Harmony, with Peace throughout the land”!

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Wouldn’t that be grand?

Another week of camp is drawing to a close –

Memories of the year will fade in time, I suppose.

But we have been exposed to the essence of God’s world,

As one of our campers, his life story he unfurled.

We watched him grow from child to adolescent to fine young manhood.

A senior project changed his life as he did something fine and good.

Wells for Life, in India, work with “untouchables” and orphan kids –

Medical mission on a two-week trip is what he did.

Enlightenment, astounding growth, awesome without fail –

We were blown away by his wonderful tale.

This may be life-changing for him and others as well –

His experience will touch others’ lives, in a way so swell.

Another example of camp essence involved three boys at campfire.

A fourth one came and asked to sit – the situation was dire.

Two said “No”, but the third one responded clear –

“This is Family Camp – move over – there’s room right here!”

And so we go home from the Sabbath week away –

Remember great times with friends each day.

Do come for another week in June of 2013 –

And fill your cup, breathe in the air and feel serene!