United Methodist Family Camp

Camp Poem

Now Let Us Fry!
Family Camp, 2017

Written by Judy Karnes

It was a hot time in the old camp this year
As we came to this place we hold so dear!
Fans spinning, cool air blowing,
Water slides and cool pool is where we’re going.
White bracelets adorn every arm,
As protection from outside harm.
We’ve come away from the rush and flurry
To our week of Heaven. There’s no hurry.
Come apart, our leader said –
Leave the gadgets and relax instead.
We don’t need to know what’s going on –
For one week, we’ll get along.
Instead, find peace and calmness here
In this part of Heaven we can cheer!
Our 60th year of Family Camp – not all in this place.
White Sulphur Springs and Lodestar led the race.
Over 43 years we’ve watched the camp grow –
Improvements and changes have been steady and slow.
We’ve seen new things like the Zip line,
Giant Swing, Waterslide that are fine.
New floors in the rooms, new chairs here and there.
Amphitheater updates, I do declare!
The physical space still needs some things,
But the spiritual presence makes our hearts sing.
God is with us – God makes us free –
Pay attention to God – that’s where we need to be.

Jesus’ disciples asked him how to pray.
They weren’t sure of the way.
Jesus taught them in order just what to say –
Begin with God, our Father, each day.
Abba – Daddy – was Jesus’ choice –
We, as God’s children, must lift our voice,
And choose to be adopted by God too –
God knows we are Somebody – that’s true!
God is in Heaven – but where is it?
It’s not “up” – It’s here, where we sit!
A great cloud of witnesses, those who’ve gone on ahead,
Along with the Spirit, keep our faith fed.
We are “Somebody” – God calls us by name.
All life is sacred and God is everywhere, like the Spirit’s flame.
God’s Kingdom is here, when and wherever God’s will is done,
For Jesus, God’s will was a party full of laughter and fun.
God doesn’t cause illness or death or tragedy
Those happen, just happen, to you and me.
It isn’t God’s will – it’s our choice – we are free.
God’s will isn’t always done, don’t you see?
In the journey in the desert, the Jews needed to eat.
But they complained loudly and stamped their feet!
God provided manna, enough for each day.
Only take what you need – don’t hoard it away.
We live in a culture of fear – will there be enough?
Must we share? Trust in God, when the going gets tough.
All life is sacred – God provides each day.
Be vulnerable to God and each other along the way.
Sometimes, someone hurts us and cuts us to the core.
A wall is built, anger grows and festers like a sore.
So tear down the wall and breathe free,
Go to the person and say, “forgive me.”
But that isn’t all – We must also forgive.
Lift that burden off your back and live.
They may not do it, but you’ve done your part.
What they do is up to them – love them in your heart.
Sin turns us away from God and we’re alone.
Repent, turn around – be welcomed back home.
“Oima La Boop” with bouffant red hair glowing,
Talked about how God has 3 personalities going –
Papa, Sonny, and Spirit, a 3-in-one-guy,
All guide and lead us and are very wise.
Jesus is a dancing, playful son, but he’s serious too.
All of life is Holy and he shows us what to do.
We can’t allow evil to lead us astray –
Listen to Jesus – he’ll show us the way.
When we co-operate with evil, our lives get all tangled up inside.
God conquers evil and greets us with arms open wide.
The evil one whispers in our ear –
It’s okay to lie or cheat – we hear.
We pray – “Jesus Save Me!” and pull away.
We take up the armor of God, so he may.
With God and Jesus on our side,
We can stand against Evil’s tide.
Stand firm – Repent and turn away.
Let the power of God s surround you each day.

We started with Procedures to enhance
Corporate Living in Family Camp – this gives us a chance
To remember the rules – the list grows longer each year.
But they are reminders - and we need to hear.
We honored our loved one who joined the Heavenly Throng.
We shared memories and sang a loving song.
Fathers were also honored, as it was Father’s Day.
We hugged the ones who were here – and remembered those who were away.
The Little Children came as Little Fishes swimming in the sea.
They told jokes and riddles, some funny as can be.
A story about Big Al, a scary, lonely fish, who finally saved the day,
Followed by a little girl and piggies that run away.
“Jesus Loves Me”, played on tone bells, and was a delight.
Great job as they really worked hard that night.
Last of all, our favorite – “A Tootie-Tah” dance,
With alumni of all ages coming down to prance.
The Older Children followed with their turn.
Told jokes, followed by a skill they had to learn.
Tuned tubes were played by hitting a leg – what could it be?
Each had a part in “1-2-3, Jesus Loves Me!”
Soon came a “Musical Show”
With a song about a bullfrog that continued to grow.
And last were some great yoyo tricks
All done by a small but mighty group of six.
Younger Youth were introduced, a bouncy group of kids, for sure.
They yawned into the microphone and we were supposed to figure out who they were!
A Mad Lib list was filled out fast,
And became a play that came on last.
A “Daddy” dance came about,
With strobe light flashing, with a scream and a shout.
Lost quarter and new song leader came,
Then a clapping and cup game.
A Family Feud, with 3 sets of twins,
Asking random questions – and see who wins!
Good time - lots of music and fun,
Then being thankful as they were done.
The last group was the Older Youth – Wow!
Twenty-six young people took a bow.
Dora the Explorer found her way to camp –
Boots kept getting hurt, but came back like a champ.
Hit the high points, with a knock out punch –
Wrist bands, cover-ups – A cute bunch.
A game show contestant had a pie in his face –
Repeated times he was hit, but handled it with grace.
Landing an airplane on a short runway;
Sherlock and Watson had no tent for their stay.
Great group of kids, ended with the Lord’s Prayer,
Encircling the audience, front, back, and on the stairs.
These young people are awesome and are our future.
If they are the leaders, we’re in good hands, for sure.
Every day is filled with things to do –
There’re choices to fit each one of you.
Classes in the morning for each to take -
Chances to explore your self, for heaven’s sake.
God is involved in everything we do –
How does today’s world affect you?
Learn about what others say,
Agree or disagree - yay or nay.
Your inner soul - healing and growth –
Improve your health or singing or both.
Exercise in the water or dance on the floor.
Sew a small purse – or build a rocket to soar.
Make a plaque for your wall,
Or put a puzzle together – your call.
Afternoons find special treats to do –
From Water Slide to Zip-line – Woohoo!!
Archery, softball, and volleyball outside,
Or take a trip on the Giant Swing – over the trees you glide.
If all of this just tires you out, just sit in Shady Rest.
Read a book, have a talk, whatever you feel is best.
The heat this year has zapped a few –
But we still found lots of things to do.
One project was devoted to people who aren’t here.
One hundred bags full of socks and things to bring a little cheer.
Things we take for granted, like soap,
Toothpaste and brushes – to help them cope.
“Reach out the least of those,” Jesus said.
Help their body and humanity is fed.
We pray for people we know who are in pain.
We reach out on Mission Trips to help them gain.
We have so much – God wants us to share –
Helping others brings us joy and shows we care.
The week is winding down – our time flew by –
Our last night under a dark, moonless sky.
Siam parade – our new queen and king too.
Fun awards were given for things we do.
High fives, fist bumps, hugs galore.
Dad jokes and dancing dads made us roar!
Then the Talent Show Part II was great – Part I was last night.
A little play, solos and duets, song writing and poetry – just right.
Over to our last campfire – one full of love and grace –
Communion served and a love circle formed – we saw Jesus on each face.
This night is our time to mourn that the week is done –
Tomorrow’s morning meeting will be under the bright sun.

We had a special fundraiser to help the Camp.
Our Quilter Emeritus sent a quilt that is a champ.
It was raffled off and made a tidy sum.
It will provide warmth for many years to come.
Kanga and Roo were also given as a prize –
Created during the week – a delight to the eyes.
Our campers are all generous and kind –
We share what we can – It can blow your mind!

Love flows like the water in the creek –
It comes from overflowing hearts this week.
God’s love fills our cups to the very top
And we carry it with us – It won’t stop.
Return to your homes – and share -
Tell what you learned about the Lord’s Prayer.
Remember to be thankful for all that you are –
God’s love will carry you near and far.

God bless you and keep you
God raise his countenance upon you
And give you peace.
See you in two thousand- eighteen
We’ll have another party, with a dancing king and queen!