United Methodist Family Camp

Camp Poem

Family Camp, 2018

Written by Judy Karnes

For the beauty of our earth, and the glory of the sky,
For the sweetness of this place, each year to Family Camp, we fly.
O, God, it’s here we belong,
To hear and to sing our heartfelt song.
This place, so special for each of us,
Brings joy and grace and loving trust.
We can’t explain the great appeal,
The Spirit of God here is so deep and real.
A week away from the cares of home,
At campfire or Shady Rest or under the dome,
We give thanks for the blessings we find
And the ideas that fill each heart and mind.

We welcomed another year in this special place,
We remembered the passing of a friend with grace.
We honored Graduates, both young and old,
Who were stepping out to new vistas and feeling bold.
We celebrated marriages with anniversary joy,
Spoke of God’s grace, given each girl and boy.
We missed some folks not here this year,
And welcomed newcomers with a cheer.
Look our for each other, take care of this place,
Look for God’s love on each person’s face.
Do whatever you want – there’s more than enough
Take classes, do sports, sing songs, there’s plenty of stuff!

Morning Stories: Words that Deepen our Relationship With God
(Sunday) - We Belong where we are,
We’re good enough to be a star.
God loves us so much that He gave us His Son;
If we believe in Him, we’ll be with Him when our earthly life is done.
Eternal life is a gift that’s free –
Jesus love us – yes, you and me!

(Monday) God is Here where we are, no matter where,
Wake up and no matter you are, God is there.
There is no place that is Godforsaken,
God doesn’t leave us, alone and shaken.
(Tuesday) Being thankful can change what you see.
Being as full of “Ah” (awe) and “Woo-Hoo”! as you can be.
Saying Thank You is sometimes all you need
God changes us, mind and body, we’re freed.
(Wednesday) Not all of life is positive, there’s darkness in our heart,
We can tell God we’re Sorry, and that’s a start.
We ask for Help for ourselves, thankful that it’s there;
Be humble and feel God’s care.
(Thursday) Please – Intercessional prayer is for helping other folk,
Asking Jesus to use your energy to help them cope.
We pray for all of creation,
And for people in every nation.
God’s loving kindness will never run out –
You can believe it, without a doubt.
(Friday) – Why? Why me? Why did this happen? Why?
We cry out in anger! O, God, hear our cry!
God’s will is not being done. God works for good.
It’s healthy to be angry, let it out, we should.
Repressing anger and pain doesn’t work at all –
Look for answers, persist, and give God a call!
Why? Work together – Trust in Jesus –
Search for peace, love, joy for each of us.
(Saturday) Behold - a call to focus our attention all around –
Savor the beauty of both sight and sound.
Give your attention in wide-eyed wonder of a child,
Say Yes! to Jesus’ “Follow me!” – don’t be meek and mild!
Do Jesus’ work, take on new tasks –
Answer His call with a positive “Yes!”

(Sunday) “[           ] is the Language of God.” Listen, just be.
No words. Nothing. A quiet time for you and me.

It helps develop a deep relationship with God.
“Be Still and know that I am God”, we nod.
Silence is golden – just sit and pray.
Take a few minutes to do this each day.
Peace be with you, pass it on.
A bird song, a rustle of leaves, a new day’s dawn.

Campfires –
A young woman who grew up coming to camp
Went to college and now, looking like a champ,
She’s searching for a seminary as her next goal,
With ministry making her future whole.
God is moving her along her path,
We support her, sending prayers on her behalf.
Next came the “Littles” night.
Lots of motion as they hugged everyone tight.
A song about “Four Hugs a Day”.
Several skits, a “Hug” array!
“Care for Kids”, lots of “Ah!” and “Woo-hoo!”
Hugs in all shapes and laughs, quite a few!
On to the Older Children, with candy skits –
Lollipop Tree, a candy shop with 2 suckers on a stick!
Lemonade or Dirty Socks? A gelato shop, too.
Italian word – “Grazie” for all of you.
Magic Penny – full of love – a couple of jokes,
Then on to S’mores for all kinds of folks.
Younger Youth gave us a Throw Back Thursday –
One skit from 30 ears ago, what can I say?
The updated Toothpaste skit was a safer one –
The previous one left us quite undone!!
Marshmallows galore for Chubby Bunny
No chewing, just stuffed in – gag! Quite funny!
Each read a verse from Psalm 136 –
And repeated “His Love Never Quits!”

Older Youth did several skits, which were clever
Name that Tim – which Tim did it? Did he ever…?
Reenacted the Tim Baseball Game, with a stand-in Tim –
Ball hit by Tim, caught by Tim, thrown to Tim, and did Tim in!
A broken jay and a legend born, alas!
Then on to Family Camp Love Connection, and pick your lass.
A tribute to A Tootie Tah – too.
Everyone who did it in the past came up – more than just a few!
Another year of crazy skits, silly jokes,
It’s fun to see, from year to year, our young folks.
Creative and thoughtful, a good place to be –
They give of their talent and perform for you and me.
The Greatest Family Camp Show –
Full of great talent that continues to grow –
Singing and dancing, crazy skits too.
Song writing. Yoyos. Band concert, sans kazoo!
Drawing for the Quilt and the Horseshoe Cross,
Master of Ceremonies, never at a loss.
Awards for various funny things –
Over at last, but no Fat Lady sings!
On to our last campfire this year –
Communion and hugging, camp songs and a tear.
Always full of great love.
Bright moon up above,
Snack time once more –
Last talks with folks we adore.
Off to bed, late – rise and shine soon –
Sleep well and cozy beneath stars and the moon.

Somewhere, out there, beneath a clear blue sky,
Is a small bit of Heaven we can’t pass by.
It brings is great hoy and God’s loving grace.
Each day, chocked full, things to do at your own pace.
Life here is a ball for many of us –
Whether team games or just two, there’s no fuss.

Teams play in the sun or in a shady spot –
Dribble or volley, bat or whatnot.
Water in the pool or down a slide.
Shoot an arrow, Giant Swing, or on a Zip line, glide.
Swimming lessons in the morning, Aqua fitness later on –
Sometimes an extra pool time before the day has gone.
Softball for all ages, Baseball for the Big ones too.
Everyone wins – either way – You just do!
If sports aren’t your thing to do –
There’s Arts and Crafts – quite a few.
Tie-dye shirts and things for fun,
Magnets and jewelry, Super Hero wristbands were done.
String Art and water rockets made –
Glitter and fun stuff under the shade.
Learn to write songs or play in the band.
We’ll hear the results later – isn’t that grand?
Movie night for all ages in the Dome –
“The Greatest Showman” was shown.
As we wind down the week, there so much more –
But it’s time to get going out the door.
Thanks for the Squeegee each morning to read –
Fun, entertaining, informative, indeed.
Name That Tune – always fun –
Didn’t quite get all our songs sung
Veg-a-matic Reprieve – with a modern update –
Whether you’d buy it, is up for debate!

Have a wonderful year as you go back home –
Come back next year and visit the dome.
Share what you learned, follow through.
Open your heart and do what Jesus wants you to.
Hope to see you again – That would be keen –
From June 16th to 23rd, in 20-19!!