United Methodist Family Camp

Camp Poem

Holy Heroes
Family Camp, 2019

Written by Judy Karnes

Down in this valley we come each year
And spend a week we hold so dear.
It’s never the same, as things change
But it doesn’t matter as we rearrange.
The same spirit abides each year –
The spirit of grace, joy and peace is here.
New folk, old folk, young and older
Come to feel that spirit grow bolder.
We come to be filled by God’s grace.
We belong here in this safe place.

The new Worship Center is a wonderful space.
Comfortable, adaptable, easy to embrace.
A great addition to this lovely camp!
Easy to get to without climbing a ramp.
Our Sound Guy Supreme played a huge part.
Gave time and expertise from the goodness of his heart.

We wake each day to clear blue skies,
Green grass, little creatures, bird cries.
Children’s voices, murmurs of life abound,
Gentle breezes, happy sounds.
An early morning swing, picking up the rhythm of the day.
Tennis thwacks, coffee, quiet talk along the way.
A bell announces it’s time to eat.
Prayer and announcements, take a seat.
We’re off and running for another day of fun –
Have a wonderful time under the sun.
The day at camp begins with bells ringing,
Later we take lots of time singing.
On to classes for every age and stage.
Opportunities to sing, write, relax and grow,
Play music; run soundboard, new skills to know.
Swim lessons for kiddos, Aerobics in the pool –
Water Slide, Archery, Giant Swing – really cool!
Tennis lessons, Zip-Line – Whee!
We can be as busy as a bee.
Jigsaw puzzles come and go –
Start to finish is fast, not slow.
Sewing in the new building for one and all –
Arts and Crafts – come see – have a ball!
Group dancing for everyone –
Filled one evening with workout fun!
Baseball night and movies for anyone.
Google quiz, Dictionary, Trivia – lots of fun.
Name That Tune – always a great competition –
Widespread knowledge helps beat the opposition.
No one has to do anything at all –
Whatever you do, hope you have a ball!
The time flies by, and we’re down to the last =
This week flies by way too fast.
Our Morning Meetings tell great tales
Of Holy Heroes, both female and males.
A hero has something special, setting them apart.
Super Heroes are filled with extra powers,
Rescues, defeat villains, fly from towers.
Holy Heroes are picked to do
Something extraordinary for me and you.
We meet these Heroes in well-known words,
They’re just like us, which seems absurd.
The first is Mary, who sits at Jesus’s feet.
While busy sister Martha glowers in defeat.
Mary is mindful of Jesus’s gifts and wants to hear.
She breaks the rules as she draws near.
Practicing Mindfulness and meditation
Brings us closer to Jesus, with no hesitation.
Next comes the young widow Ruth, who chooses to go
With Mother-in-law Naomi, thus getting to know
Her home, her people, her God above –
We can take risks when we’re not afraid to love.
On to Thomas, the doubter, who said “No!”
When told Jesus was alive! We know!
Thomas had to see for himself to believe –
Sometimes we doubt, but we can receive understanding and faith when we choose to believe.
Faith is an action that continues to grow,
Our journey improves, as more we know.
God came to Earth in human form –
It was as a tiny baby, a newborn.
Jesus was small, insignificant, helpless too.
But he had questions and understanding as he grew.
Even at 12, he already had wisdom and grace.
Talking and learning, in his Father’s place.
Small and vulnerable as children are we,
But, “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
The Messiah and the imperfect woman met at the well,
Responded to each other, as Jesus was able to tell –
He knew her history and offered her a drink
Of Living Water, endless life, new ways to think.
Jesus looks to save us and meets us where we are.
He fills our soul, squashes our doubt, and helps us travel far.
Moses was overwhelmed with responsibility,
Overworked and out of control was he!
Jethro taught him the skills he needed -
Delegate your jobs, he pleaded!
No one has to do it all – being busy every day –
Even Jesus took time out to go away and pray.
Women were to keep silent in the church –
But they worked in the background says research.
Pricilla taught with men, her faith strong,
Lydia, a seller of purple cloth, brought her family along,
Both women and others reacted against discrimination,
And rose against it with determination.
The battle goes on – for equal rights.
Everyone should join the fight.
Every group should have the same –
Whatever, whoever, we’re part of this game!!
Campfire in the evening, we also do –
Procedures for corporate living we review.
Brave heroes told their recent journeys of health.
Unbelievable, incredible, God’s loving wealth,
Science, technology, prayers and support –
They go on, fearless, blessings of sort.
Littles – Super Heroes, in masks and capes, flying about,
Showing super powers without a doubt.
Shark song, aqua man skit – kind of damp!
Board meeting review – Volunteer a champ.
Yoyo man and his assistant showing tricks, some new.
Up and down, around and about they flew.
Older children telling riddles – light bulb changes unfurled.
Lots of running and flying and saving the world!
Jump rope challenge and demonstration –
Showing tricks – quite an ovation!!
Younger youth were super heroes, full of fun –
“If you’re happy” junior high will surely show to everyone!
“I am a family camper” with synchronized moves –
A Squeegee Hunt extended to help us improve –
We’ve tormented poor Squeegee and been bullies galore –v Had several lessons so we won’t do it anymore.
Older youth – and our largest group – brought back the “old days” -
How some of their parents met along the way.
Yoga class and exercise for “older” folks
More changing light bulbs jokes.
Name that John, with funny clues –
A panel of 3 had to choose.
They closed with a special prayer of faith found here.
And a song about Old Time Rock and Roll – big Cheer!
Our last night brings us to a quiet place –
Communion served and filled with grace.
We form a circle, sing quiet songs,
Holding each other, as we sing along.
Tears and prayers, as we embrace –
Hugs and smiles, love on each face.
Our last night, some leave to go home –
Back to the world outside they roam.
The Super Hero theme prevailed from morning to night –
Calling attention to heroes who did small things right.
Helping others have a special stay –
Doing little things along the way.
Rewards and applause for young and old –
Tales told about their deeds of gold.
The Raffle took place – It has grown in size –
A cutting board, a wooden cross, a horseshoe cross were part,
Two quilts, so beautiful, works of art.
Tickets pulled – names were announced –
Up to the stage, the winners bounced.
Over $2,000 was raised – give a cheer!
Helping others come again next year!

Finally, the week comes to an end –
Will you keep in contact with a new friend?
We can all be Heroes of one kind or another,
We can share God’s grace with each other.
Small deeds, hugs, smiles and a listening ear.
Are all easy to do and are quite dear.
Share God’s love and reach out to others –
Under the sky, we’re all sisters and brothers.

Travel home safely – remember this time –
Quite a year we had in two-zero-one-nine.
Hope that this year your time is plenty –
See you back here in twenty-twenty!