United Methodist Family Camp

Camp Poem

A Triumph of Brothers

Written by Michael Sullivan

We fight our fears, bearing forward
Circumstances can seem absurd
Life sometimes, smells of turds

A vast understanding of fright?
Sadly yes, oh too many a night
Our untimely hurt arises
This doesn’t feel right

Happenstance building us forever stronger
What ifs shall subside
It’s current no longer
Grabbing life by the horns with my Eric
I could never have wanted another
You both remind me of each other
Oh, brother...

Questions at first
Confusions at second
Miseries on third
But, she isn’t at our home

Trust me it’s a choice to be closed off or alone
Karen you are at peace now
I wish it was simpler
Like picking up a phone

Gasping for air is the feeling we've had
Stuck with being uncomfortable or seldom glad
Lets let these things go, I’m kind of acting like your dad
By the way I have to add , he sure was rad...

Growth at a hyper pace
Who more deserves or appreciates this place...
Everyone is the answer, “remember”, it’s not a race

A quick rule of thought
The way you want be treated
Less outwardly conceited
Strive for whatever else to be completed
I hereby adhere to a life,
That which is my own
Karen is present
She enjoys that glorious quilt sewn
Before we had battled with duties a plenty
Our slate has been cleared now, go fill what is empty
Freedom is now, uncertainty is not in this vicinity.

Having a dunk in the pool was fun. Eric you’re my #1
Lastly, you haven’t a clue at how much class I see before me
Bounds above most any of your peers,
Wise beyond years, my feelings of love towards you, are severe.
I envision thee with me, for eternity
No other place I’d rather be
You uplift me,
and literally