United Methodist Family Camp

Camp Poem

Where Are You?
Family Camp, 2013

Written by Judy Karnes

There’s a song in the air, there’s a bird in the sky –
Sunshine pours down, the miles fly by!
At last we arrive in our special place –
Family Camp, in June, full of God’s grace.
We welcome new friends, greet others with cheer –
Back to God’s heaven on earth for another year.
Camp can’t be explained – no words fill the bill –
Attitude, happiness, joy, restful and still.
Active or not – it’s all up to you –
Read, run, re-create - many things we can do.

We remember, with stories, our friends who are gone,
Our angels watching over us, where they use to belong.
Sweet stories of friendship, kindness and grace,
About people we loved and can never replace.
We lift them up in prayer, our tears depart –
As we celebrate their lives, forever in our heart.

Live life to the fullest – decide what to do –
Use the time wisely that was given to you.
Don’t hide under a basket and turn away -
But go bravely out, extend your hand, pray.
Share with others, use your God-given talent.
Don’t give up on a dream, don’t relent.
Be brave – face the world without fear –
You aren’t alone – God is here!

- Where are you? Are you hiding, full of doubt or fear?
With God’s grace we emerge victorious, full of cheer!

- Where is your brother? Do you know or care?
Appreciate, bow, and connect – the ABC’s to share.
Family is forever, but friends come and go –
Give them a chance – let God’s love grow.

- Is anything too difficult for God? What do you say?
Are you full of doubt and fear or afraid today?
Life is a great adventure – put yourself in God’s hand.
What, then, would be your choice?

“Take me and use me” – Your life will be grand.
Go where God sends you – use your gifts well.
Recalculate, do plan B, prepare! It’ll be swell.

- Jesus asks us “What do you want me to do for you?”
What would you say, what would you do?
Walk somewhere in your special place,
Along a road, noticing, in that space
A rock, with Jesus, waiting for you.
Is there something you desire for him to do?
Jesus loves you, this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Listen for his gentle voice –Rise to new heights – soar like a bird –
Spread God’s spirit – Read God’s word.

- Is a lamp brought in to be put under bushel or bed?
No! Put it on a lamp stand and let it shine instead.
Does the language of faith make you worry?
Bring out your God colors in a hurry!
Share your faith, share God’s love. Share your light.
Be vulnerable and open and feel blessed, day and night.

-Whom shall I send and who will go?
Here I am Lord – Let God know.
Wrapped in Jesus’ radical, inclusive love
Go out and carry Christ’s peace like a dove.
Rise to new height – soar like a bird –
Spread God’s spirit – Read God’s word.

So many things to do at camp –
Make new friends, be a champ.
Play a game – go to a class –
Learn to sing – make a splash!
Run up the road –Zip on a line –
Slide down a hill – all truly fine.
Jam with the ladies in a hip-hop try –
Lie on your back – watch a rocket fly by!
Climb a wall – Be quiet in the Hall.
Hike to the creek – Is there water in the fall?
Watch a robin hippity-hop on the lawn –
Hear the quiet of camp at early dawn.

See colorful shirts fluttering on a line –
Share conversations with others, truly fine.
Make a name tag and wear it with pride –
Smile at someone new –from your inside.
Play Kanadian Soccer, whatever that is…?
Meditate mindfully – be a Pictionary whiz.
Name that tune – What is that song?
Fun to play, either right or wrong.
Make a candle to light your way –
You can be busy both night and day.
Do your thing – or nothing at all –
Be a friend to others – Have a ball!!!

Each night at campfire there were skits and fun –
Some serious, some silly, something for everyone.
We learned about a young man’s desire
To know more about Jesus – he came to inquire.
To change his belief, to come to stay –
To leave his family and home – and live far away.
Asylum he seeks – to follow a call –
To follow Christ, once and for all.
On to the age groups from littles to big –
Selling caps and monkeys doing a jig.
Yoyo man showed lots of tricks to the crowd –
Children were awed, oohed and ahhed out loud.
A modern twist to a long-ago skit
Who’s the minister? was really a hit!
Who, What, and I don’t know were all in a jumble –
But carried on without a mumble.
Camp-mandments gave us new rules to go by –
And a song and dance number showed “So Many Dumb Ways to Die!”
Camp Jeopardy and Christian pick-up lines were light-hearted and fun –
But seriously, wrestling with sin, was awesomely done.
Each group from youngest to old
Presented us with thoughtful gold.

Nuggets of humor, mixed with serious word –
Bible tales, jokes and riddles were heard.
Throughout it all God’s spirit prevailed
Under the stars, a full moon sailed.

Show “Biz” reared its head once more
In so many ways that we adore.
Siam this year was a Monopoly game –
Mr. Moneybags, game pieces, a board to play –
A roll of the dice, sent to jail – how long will you stay?
“Don’t be a drag –
Respect the bag!
Fill it up with reports of infractions –
Then learn your penalty and put it in action.
Lots of laughter – lots of fun –
Clever time for everyone.

Holy Schnicker Doodles! – Down at the pool!
Synchronized swim was really cool!
Show off your new skills to family and friends –
Warm water now that camp is at the end!

Saturday night was Show Time for all -
Kids of all ages were having a ball!
Skits all sorts, for laughs and fun
Piano solos, guitars, even a drum.
Poems were read, jokes were told –
The Brass Band and Korean Folk Dancers involved young and old.
Tootie Tah and Presidential names –
Talent night wasn’t tame!
Camp movies showed an earlier time –
A slide show of this year was really fine.
A beautiful quilt raised lots of cash –
The lucky winner ran up in a dash!
Generous people abound here –
Full of love, laughs and good cheer!

Our last campfire was last, but not least –
Communion was shared as we took part in the feast.

Jesus, remembered, in this sacred rite -
Bread from one loaf shared in the night.
Blood for you and those to come –
Candles and full moon, guitars quiet strum.
We gather, arms holding us tight –
Singing, tears flowing, this last starry night.
A special time, in our sacred place,
Seeing God’s love on every face.

Wonder of wonders – the week’s gone once more –
Pack up your stuff, sweep up the floor.
Another great camp full of memories and fun –
Store them in your heart – as away you run.
What a blessing our children bring to this place;
How awesome our leaders, so filled with grace.
The essence of camp, so pure and sweet –
Fills us up, so special and deep.
Camps runs so smoothly, and easily flows –
The reason is planning – how long? No one knows!
An abundance of talents is obvious here -
Go light up the world – spread some cheer.
Travel safely back home, both near and far –
But come back again, next year in your car.
Camp 2013 is over once more –
See you back here in 20 – 1 – 4!