United Methodist Family Camp

Camp Poem

Dream Big
Family Camp, 2016

Written by Judy Karnes

Come, come as you are
From all places, both near and far.
Come to this place of peace, so sweet –
Away from the world – Hit “delete”!
Here we can be…..just be……and rest,
With the peace that endures, we are blessed.
God’s love abounds and flows so free –
This is that place where we love to be.
Come to see friends, both old and new –
Come to play and sing under the sky so blue.
This is the place of which we can say,
“A small piece of heaven has come our way.”
So many sights and sounds are here -
Little glimpses of love and cheer.
Smiling and laughing, singing and care
Are found in each corner and on each chair.
God moments are many and special to see –
Children helping children, guiding them, so free.
Opening doors, helping hands and feet –
Passing books at campfire, giving up a seat.
Playing carpet ball – and taking a turn.
Guiding each other, helping others learn.
Jesus tells us, many times, not to fear –
God is at work here each and every year.
Seeing a need and filling it today –
Instead of ignoring it and walking away.

Dream Big – “For surely I know the plans I have for you –
Plans to give you a future with hope” – in all you do.
Dream Big – “I’ll go where you want me to go” my Lord
Over mountains or plains or sea.
Ill do what you want me to do, dear Lord.
I’ll be what you want me to be.”
God is truly with us, in all we do or say.
Let God be your guide – because God knows the way.

Joseph had 11 brothers, but was favored by his Dad.
The other brothers sold him off – which was very bad.
Joseph could interpret dreams and knew what was ahead.
He helped the Pharaoh save his people, this very special lad.
Joseph was a dreamer – but also very wise.
He even saved his family – that was a big surprise.
How big are your dreams? Are they only for you?
Or do you dream things to change the world too?
Where in the world do we see needs?
What can we do to succeed?
Think of the country, hopes and needs, the odd –
Mary pondered in her heart, her special gift from God
Emmanuel was to come into the world just for us –
To save and teach and love – no fuss –
Mary dreamed big and pondered in her heart
As Jesus’ mother, she did her part.
We thank Mary for her great gift from above –
She was blessed by God and we’re so loved.
Jachabed, a Hebrew woman, gave birth to a baby boy,
Pharaoh demanded the mid–wives to destroy.
The mother was afraid –
She put him in a basket and in the river laid.
The baby cried, and a princess heard his cry.
She took him home to raise him, so he wouldn’t die.
She hired Jachobed to care for him – What joy!
She had big dreams for her baby boy.
She dreamed of his safety and had to let him go.
Moses, (drawn from the water) succeeded, as we know.

Rosa Parks was tired and her feet were sore.
She decided enough was enough – and wouldn’t take it any more.
She wouldn’t give up her seat on the bus –
She was arrested and jailed – and started a big fuss.
Montgomery’s black folks demanded some rights.
The Civil Rights movement came into sight.
Rosa was tired, and through her, big dreams came.
Her struggle changed lives – it would never be the same.
Mary Magdalene, a woman scorned and unknown –
Had no dream to follow and was very much alone.
Jesus healed her and touched her heart –
She dreamed big and became a part –
She loved Jesus and was at the cross when he died.
On Easter morn, the resurrected Christ was outside.
She saw him first – and spread the word.
God’s dream grew in her and others heard.
We can say “I have seen the Lord” when we are a part
Helping the “Least of these” is where we start.
Pentecost is the church’s birthday
When the Holy Spirit came to stay.
The people gathered from all around
Their voices mingled in many different sounds.
Excitement grew – some said “They’re drunk on new wine!”
But Peter said, “They are filled with the Spirit and are just fine,”
God has dreams for us
We, too, can dream big and just trust.
Let the Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on you –
Let that spirit melt, mold, fill, and use you too.
Elijah staged a contest to prove that God was real.
Eight hundred fifty followers of Baal were full of zeal.
They built a fire – but Baal didn’t light it –
Elijah soaked his fire in water in a pit.
He called to God, and soon the flame
Burned up the whole thing and won that game.
“The Lord is God!” Baal’s followers shouted.
Elijah was a winner – because he never doubted.
Jesus taught us to resist, not fight.
Don’t give in, be a creative light.
Dream big – Do great things –
Follow your heart and see what it brings….

Campfires each night were creative and fun –
Lots of work and preparation were done.
The Littles were a small but mighty group
As on the stage they did troop.
Lots of jokes and knock–knocks too.
Scary stuff under a sheet – Boo!
Get outta here with the “duh–duh–duh!”
And the good old reliable “A Tootie Tah!”
The Older children were an active bunch –
Lots of jokes and a clever touch –
Sophie and the BFG was a wonderful joy –
Written and created by each girl and boy.
Bad Giants, a queen, dreams and, along the way,
The Big Friendly Giant saved the day.
The Younger Youth did several skits.
A lawn mower, Royal Paper, and dancing bits,
“A Boom Chicka Boom” with different themes –
Charades that were tricky – and not what they seem.
Finally, each youth told of grateful things –
Some serious, some funny, some pulled the heart strings.
The Older Youth, some 24 strong,
Updated the Bible books in a jazzy song.
A “Hall of Shame” awarded a few disaster champs,
And we learned how not to invited others to camp.
A beautiful song and a quiz show game,
Followed by the drama at the end – and we’ll never be the same.
Good vs. Bad, God vs. the Devil – in pantomime –
Such emotion and drama were beautifully fine.
This is what happens when God shows up!
Having God in our hearts fills our cup!!

A kaleidoscope of events and classes –
It’s easy to keep busy as each day passes
From morning to night there’s something to do.
How busy you are is up to you.
Tennis and softball, volley and basketball,
Swimming and carpet ball for all.
Writing music and playing in a band –
Learning to cartoon or sew are just grand.
Zip line and archery were choices to make –
Arts and crafts and tye–dye, for goodness sake.
Classes in the morning for all ages and kinds,
Some were for exercise and some for your minds.
People were busy as bees buzzing ‘round –
Puzzle groups and computer folks were found.
Our talent show has grown and takes two nights to do.
Talented actors and musicians perform for me and you.
Our final night is solemn and memorable –
Bread and juice on the table –
Communion and hugs and singing in love –
Bring an end to our week, dark sky above.
Now it’s pack up and get out on the road –
Away from this bit of heaven to your abode.

It’s been awesome and grand here
But we’ll see you next year.
Dream Big – pray super size even –
See you in two–zero–one– seven!!!!