United Methodist Family Camp

Camp Poem

We Are Family! – And We’re Amazing!
Family Camp, 2014

Written by Judy Karnes

Come in, come in and sit down – you are a part of the family!
We are here and we are loved – and about as happy as can be.
Camp is an extension of God’s love for us all –
We gather together and have a ball!
Each summer, we come to this happy place –
And fill up once more with God’s gift of grace.
Whether you’re new or old as cam be
You’re all a part of God’s family.
Brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts -
We all have a part with the Lord of the Dance!
This week fills us up with God’s peace and grace,
That strengthens us to cope with whatever we face.
Cool weather, gentle breezes, and shining sun -
Something here for everyone.
Our family changes bit by bit –
One leaves us, another comes – a perfect fit.
We pray for our loved ones no longer here –
And celebrate milestones with a shout and a cheer!
Graduations, birthdays, anniversaries we acknowledge –
Also Teachers of all kinds, from pre-school to college.
Each person here has a place in the band –
Each one is awesome – each one is grand!
This is a place to be who you are –
For everyone here is a bright shining star!

Morning campfire’s theme was Living Life Biblically -
What kind of life are you living? From what do you flee?
Do you flounder about? Are you lost and scared?
Give the Bible a chance; let your life be repaired.
Bible means Best Instruction Before Leaving Earth –
So much wisdom and grace give you worth.
Live life so that you give what you wish to receive
Remember God loves you – this you CAN believe!

What happens if our Faith we don’t live?
…..Long pause……ummmm…..there’s NOTHING to give!

What sets you apart from God in your day?
Do you think about God as you go on your way?
Life is Holy and full of great things -
Do what you can – see what faith brings.
You are what you believe - God’s child you are.
None of us is perfect, but that’s okay –
God forgives us and hears us when we pray.
Positive words, the power of prayer –
You are AMAZING! I believe it! So there!

How do we live securely in a world that’s insecure?
What can we do? How do we endure?
Build your life on the rock of God’s grace –
Do what’s right – work hard – feel God’s embrace,
Face life whole-heartedly – always be true –
Let God lead you in everything you do.

Observe the Sabbath – a day of rest –
Keep it Holy – that’s the goal and is best.
Remember to be quiet and pray and smile –
Take time out from the world for a while.
Look for God in your life – do you see?
Can you hear or feel God’s grace that is free?
God is with you in all times and places –
Find God in your world and on people’s faces.
Breathe in the Spirit – feel it flow through –
Let it shine out in all that you do.

The Bible is our guideline on how to live life –
Scripture is inspired by God, but sometimes there’s strife.
We can try many ways to interpret the word –
(1) Picking and choosing can be quite absurd!
(2) Take all of it or nothing is another way –
(3) Written by humans, of a certain time and day,
We must filter out customs and beliefs of that time.
(4) But Putting People First is much more fine –
Jesus challenged scripture and made people see,
That ignoring human needs is as cruel as can be.
Each of us is God’s child, we are uniquely blessed.
We need to honor differences and find the gift that’s best.
Doing right for others is what life really means –
Allowing us to develop as wonderful human beings.

Camp is jam-packed with so many things!
There’s always something new to do when the bell rings!
From morning tennis to late night games –
Dancing, Tai Chi, Singing lessons, tags for names –
Tie-dye shirts, water rockets, bracelets in colors of many kinds.
Discuss Science vs. Religion – or Improve our Minds –
Write songs, try to sew, or play in the band.
Learn to cook with fresh veggies – isn’t that grand?
Meet new people – talk about everything under the sun –
Discuss books or life, take a hike, have fun!
Play on a team, with all kinds of sports –
Volleyball, baseball, basketball, games of all sorts.
Carpet-ball, climb the wall, and water slide –
Zip line, Giant Swing – Wow! What a ride!
Archery and Frisbee golf - are there more?
Swimming lessons – or aerobics – things by the score.
Karaoke, Name That Tune –
Gaze at the stars – look for the Moon.
Learn to yo-yo, listen to a story or two –
Hopefully, you will find something to do!

Each night at campfire with song and skit.
A big bonfire dances in the pit.
Age by age, the groups entertain –
New jokes and old stories are heard again.
A Tootie-Tah and Caps for Sale –
Tricks from the Yo Yo Man never fail.
George the Dog who couldn’t bark,
Jokes for a bored queen hit the mark.
Dora, the Explorer, with Boots and Backpack –
The Squeegee, with a wand, gave the ball back.

Audience games – a recipe for how to do a skit –
Amen, sung in Cherokee, was a big hit!
The quest for the Holy Squeegee, a drama, of sorts,
Egg roulette, hard-boiled and raw – and 3 good sports!
But the final, solemn act, on a dark night –
Interpreted, to music, with white gloves and black light –
So awesome, the story it told –
Was captivating and bold.
The young adults put on a great show –
And ended up with a Standing O!
Each age group was a delight and fun –
Their leaders were great in all that they’ve done.
Great job, one and all – You’re a blessing, it’s true.
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing – 3 cheers to You!

Siam moved a night and our Talent Show spread out –
A good move for all, without a doubt.
Skits full of laughter and stories of many kinds –
From a chicken with a slow mind,
To a retelling of Cinderella –
A stand-up comic – funny fella!
We heard “Let it Go” – and we are willing to….
The Song Writing class wrote verses that were new.
There were Six Word Memoirs from all kinds of folks –
Some were thoughtful, some were jokes.
Children played piano and sang with guitars.
The Yo Yo group showed tricks – and many were stars.
Siam featured an award show for unusual things –
Video presentations – Silver Boots given – a wrecking ball swings.
The King and Queen presided; the end of Siam was changed –
Then down to the pool, where a Baptism was arranged.
Last of all, Communion, quiet singing
Shared the Lord’s Supper, our hearts were ringing.
Hugs and smiles, through the tears –
This is the hard part through the years.
Our family separates, we go our different ways –
But the love for this experience, each year, stays.

So many sweet things happen here –
Raffling a quilt made by hands so dear.
“If you sleep under a quilt, you are covered by love”
This year’s quilt was “Dancing with the Stars” above.
There’s so much to see and so much to do –
I’m all out of breath keeping up with you!

Little Robin Red Breast in the flowerbed –
Shy deer nibble grass, then lift their head.
Tall grandpa with tiny tot, stroll along slowly –
Rhythmic beat from the pool, exercise wholly.
Small groups visit and share –
Shady Rest busy, in the soft summer air.
Whether you’re 11 5/6 or 75
At Camp you can feel really alive!
A feeling of love fills you up, overflows,
Sweet spirit, God’s grace just grows and grows.

Family Camp, Oh Family Camp – That’s where I want to be –
I’m free to rest and free to play and always free to be me!
Travel safely when you leave this place -
Take home memories that bring a smile to your face.
Live your life, laugh and love – There‘s lots to be seen –
But be sure to be here June 14, 20-15!